About : Made From Scratch – Mary's Market – Cafe & Bakery

Our Story

In 1982, our founders set out to establish a new kind of business — a combined bakery and café built on the idea that freshness and quality don’t have to be sacrificed in the name of speed and affordability. Since then, we here at Mary’s Market Café & Bakery have held fast to that founding mission, and it shows.

Our Philosophy

Each of our business choices is made with two things in mind: people and planet. It’s why we buy only the highest-quality ingredients, using products that are organic and all-natural at every opportunity. Our goal has always been to nurture a healthy environment for everyone who steps into our store, whether as an employee or a customer or a curious passerby who simply follows their nose to the delicious smells wafting out of our kitchens and cafes.

Our talented chefs and bakers are constantly coming up with new ways to tempt our customer’s taste buds while always keeping in mind that being delicious and being good-for-you don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We never sacrifice quality for convenience, but we think healthy, tasty food should be accessibly priced. Using quality ingredients to create health-conscious food that doesn’t skimp on flavor or innovation? For us, it’s a point of pride.

Chef Kayla

As a Rockford native from a close-knit Italian family, Kayla Zeimet grew up spending her Sundays in the kitchen, watching her grandmother prepare an Italian feast for the entire family. Ever since, she’s loved the idea that a delicious plate of food could bring a family closer together.

After landing her first job at Rockford’s Stone Eagle Tavern at the age of 18, she spent years honing her craft via Robert Morris University in Aurora, Illinois, before taking her talents to some notable Dubuque, Iowa establishments: Hotel Julien and the Diamond Jo Casino. She returned to Rockford to work at Graystone Grill, and, most recently, Alchemy.

Now Chef Kayla brings her creative spark to Mary’s Market, where she will integrate tasty, on-trend techniques into the Mary’s classic made-from-scratch dishes. She takes pride in cooking with an array of seasonal ingredients and loves the challenge of bringing more diverse vegetarian and vegan options to Mary’s Market menus.